In the Beginning…there was darkness

It was the dark night of the soul. Things didn’t kick off or should I say ‘kick me’ until I got my first rejection letter from the BBC. I was outraged and inconsolable at the lousy explanation that my story was a wonderful idea but unfortunately it was incoherent. It was like a bullet between the eyes. I could barely breathe as I hastily began to read the pages of the returned copy to reassure myself that the readers at the BBC were stupid, and that my very first draft of my very first script was nothing short of a masterpiece. Slowly but surely death was becoming me as I struggled to make sense of my…graffiti. Was I drunk when I wrote this? The characters all suffered from the Houdini syndrome as they randomly disappeared and reappeared. There was no structure; it was all over the place, a technical disaster. Everything about my script made me cringe. How did I manage to overlook a ninety page catastrophe? That night a part of me had died a shameful reclusive death.

About a fortnight later, I was a sober zombie when I got a second rejection from the UK Film Council for the same script. Embittered to the core, I was sure these people were not equipped to recognise raw talent such as mine.
The initial thought that attacked me was to do a Masters in writing. This notion was promptly replaced by a lethargic mode of imagining a boring classroom environment. Surely, learning to write for movies could not be possible in a humdrum atmosphere. After all, I knew that imagination could not be taught.

I easily convinced myself the best place to learn screenwriting would be in Hollywood. But I did not know a soul in Hollywood and I was terrified by the prospect of facing agents, producers, and pitching my ideas to them. It was one of those moments in my life where I knew I had to exercise my faith and take a leap forward…toward my laptop where I clicked onto Amazon and searched for books on pitching. I purchased the bestseller ‘The Perfect Pitch’ by Ken Rotcop. It was an enlightening read. I immediately contacted Ken and posted a script to him for coverage, and then booked an airline ticket to Los Angeles…

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