The Pitchmart in Hollywood

My abode at the Super 8 motel on North Western Avenue was cheap, clean with friendly helpful staff. In the evening I prepared my pitch, quite sure to impress Ken tomorrow. The following day outside Ken’s home, I knocked on the door and waited. The bark of a little dog prompted me to go and stand outside the gate. A few moments later, the door opens and it’s Ken accompanied by his lovely wife Connie. They stare at me, bemused. “Who are you?” they enquired. “Amrit Bains from London” I replied, ever so professionally. “Oh, I was expecting a young man” said Ken. Later, he explained the confusion; according to my name and the script I had written, he was expecting to greet a guy.

In Ken’s office; I sat opposite him, eager to absorb the knowledge he was about to share with me. Ken got straight to the point and asked me to pitch my screenplay to him, which I did ever so zealously. He stopped me after a few sentences, and went on to explain that the most successful pitching technique is to be able to have a conversation about your story. Instead of trying to sell, be the producer’s friend, relax and crack a joke. They need new material and talent just as much as you need them. It’s a partnership. The important thing is to have fun and make friends.

One consultation with Ken boosted my ego. With my mindset recalibrated I was ready to party. The following week I was working the room pitching to producers like it was second nature. I must admit it was one of the most exhilarating experiences. Ken was my first positive contact in Hollywood. Age wise, he is one of my oldest friends with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. And he gives the most robust life squeezing hugs I have ever encountered. If you want to learn the art of pitching then Ken’s your man. For further information check out his website:
The Writers Expedition 001

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