Screenwriting: My Work Critiqued by a Playboy Pin Up Model

Before I started to get connected with real industry people, like most novice writers I got caught up in a disingenuous web of lies, weaved by a particular Writers Literary Agency. They promise to represent aspiring screenwriters by mailing query letters on their behalf to production companies. The only requirement they have is that your work has been professionally critiqued before they can help you. They require proof that your script has undergone a development process, or alternatively for a fee you can hire a script coach via their agency.

Martha Smith was the script coach assigned to me. I was exceptionally pleased at the detailed notes she had compiled, which was a great help toward developing the script. I absolutely loved her email address which went something like this, ‘2tastyladies@blahblahblah’. Curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to know more about this lady who had a great knack for providing brilliant development suggestions. It turned out that Martha Smith was an ex-playboy centerfold girl. She was chosen as Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month for July 1973 issue.

Ironically, the script I had sent to Martha was based on the various levels of hell as described in ‘A Divine Comedy’ written by Dante Alighieri an Italian poet of the middle-ages. And of course, the premise of my work was sex, lust and loose women, so to speak. Why I wrote this kind of stuff then? I have no idea. Although, I must confess it was really good writing practice…

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