My encounter with the agent from Sacha Baron Cohen’s masterpiece ‘Bruno’

Let’s talk about Lloyd of AB Management, apparently an agent for actors and writers based in Los Angeles. When I was pitching my tits off at the Pitchmart – Lloyd also happened to be at the event. Once I had finished pitching to my choice of producers, I noticed he was sitting alone. He looked miserable. So I walked over to his table and introduced myself. He asked me what I have for him. I mentioned the title, genre, logline and gave a very brief outline of the story. He asked me what happened to the Pope in my story. I told him that I didn’t know because he’s not a character that I had included in my story, therefore left to the reader’s imagination. Since the villain had taken over the Vatican, it was obvious he had obliterated everyone including the Pope, I explained. But, agent Lloyd would not accept this. He began to raise his voice and get angry, and insisted that I explain what had happened to the Pope. Then, I politely made it clear that the Pope and his posse had been exterminated by the villain and his clan. By now Lloyd was furious at me for not including the pope in the script, and said that my script (which he hadn’t read) did not make sense. I asked him to calm down and not take it too seriously, at which point he responded by demeaning my work and said that he wouldn’t pay a dime for my script. I replied that I didn’t give a toss about his opinion, and left.

To cut an epic short, it turned out that Lloyd had a part in Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Bruno’ in which he was cast as himself – the agent. If you have seen the film you will definitely remember the scene in which Lloyd sets up a panel of casting directors only to watch Bruno do a nude weenie spinning dance act. How traumatic for Lloyd……and that’s all I have to say about that…

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